How we Doubled Space in our Fishroom...

How we Doubled Space in our Fishroom...

A few years ago, we faced some issues in our fish room. We had plenty of tanks, but many of them were being used keeping fry to grow out in. Instead, these tanks could have been used to breed and keep other species of fish. This whole issue made the process of breeding fish really slow and resulted in us not being able to use all of our potential space to display our beautiful fish.

We wanted to be able to use all of the potential space in the fish room so that we could breed as many fish as possible and in turn, maximise our breeding profits.

The struggle was that we didn’t have enough space or time to take care of any extra aquariums in the room. And, we could not afford any additional heating or electrical costs associated with new tanks. We also couldn’t stand seeing all of this wasted space being used on long-term growing processes.

A large problem was that, recently, electricity prices in my area had sky-rocketed, and the addition of new aquariums would have meant that the electricity bill would have become much too expensive for me to be able to afford to stay in the hobby.

We met a local friend and went into his fish room. We saw that he had these little clear acrylic boxes hanging inside each of his aquariums, all housing little baby fish. By adding these boxes, he said he had doubled available space in his fish room, and was saving money by not having to pay costly electricity bills on additional fry tanks that he wanted to develop. We then learned that the future of fish breeding in the aquarium hobby was highly dependent on this innovation.

We took a few of his extra boxes and then implemented these in our own fish room and saw huge changes… We added 3 boxes to three different tanks and in turn, we were able to make an extra 3 aquariums available to be used for different variants of fish.

We loved our new hang-on breeder boxes; in fact, we wanted to add one on to each of our aquariums. However, finding these boxes in local fish stores was impossible, and so was finding them on-line. That’s when we decided to create them. We offered our design idea to aquarium retailers and they loved them and said there was a real market for them. We then began to produce these and were able to add as many as we wanted to our fish room.

Previously owning 30 aquariums and breeding 12 species of fish, we added an extra 27 of these boxes (one for each tank) and are now able to breed up to 26 different species of fish in the same amount of tanks. We have in turn doubled our fish room revenue and are able to keep more than double the amount of fish that we could keep previously.

I’m now able to enjoy the hobby with a highly efficient fish room that saves me money, space, electricity, and extra water changes.

It became our goal to make this opportunity available to the rest of the aquarium hobbyists in the world. We now offer these to the entire world with free shipping so you can avoid the previous mistakes that we made, and all the time that we wasted before discovering hang-on breeder boxes. 

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